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The SuiteOne Media webcasting platform provides a complete solution for public sector organizations to stream public meetings and events via the Internet. With the SuiteOne Media platform, governments deliver on the promise of transparency and accountability, and citizen’s benefit from a participatory process.

SuiteView is the foundation of the SuiteOne Media platform and is entirely web-based, thereby eliminating the infrastructure and expertise required for a scalable video/audio platform.  The software offers a simple way to publish on-demand events, complete with bookmarks that link the video/audio to the associated agendas, minutes, and documents.

SuiteCast is the live streaming add-on for the SuiteView platform. You decide whether to have an on-demand only video/audio library or both on-demand and live streaming.

We Deliver More Than Video.

We deliver a simple, easy to use system.

You have more than enough duties and responsibilities each and every day. Becoming a webcasting expert shouldn't be one of them. SuiteView will exceed staff expectations; work within your process, and save a significant amount of time.

We deliver the functionality you need.

Why pay for features you'll never use or features that overlap and complicate your current process? The SuiteView platform extends your current process and capabilities, rather than complicating it. We deliver the functionality that is essential, with an easy to use interface and publishing process.

Our integration with Microsoft Word and Liberty Meeting Recorder provides a complete solution for agendas, meeting management, and citizen access.

We deliver affordability.

Our budget-friendly pricing and "Access for All" philosophy makes webcasting an option for governments of all sizes. All communities can now actively engage citizens with a comprehensive webcasting solution.

Designed for your process and Liberty Meeting Recorder™

The public portal is a feature of the SuiteView platform that provides citizens with immediate access to meeting and event content, agendas, and more. The public portal has an intuitive, easy to use interface to ensure citizens can easily search, browse, and view content. Citizens can even personalize the public portal with subscriptions using keywords.

The SuiteView video player is designed for the non-technical user and bookmarks created within the Liberty Meeting Recorder™ are automatically imported. Therefore, all video content is cross-linked with the associated agendas, meeting minutes, and supporting documents

The SuiteView Administration Portal contains all the tools for staff members to manage the publishing, archiving, and reporting process for all meetings and events.

How SuiteView Works with Liberty Meeting Recorder ™



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