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 Video Conferencing

JCG Technologies provides the Sony PCS series of high-definition  (HD) visual communications system.  The PCS-XG80 is powerful, affordable, and compact – the PCS-XG80 achieves 1080i HD video quality, making your communication style more effective, productive, and comfortable.

With approximately four times more detail than standard-definition (SD) images, the exceptional HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications to the next level. The HD video quality provided by Sony not only enhances your daily videoconferences with life-like images, but also lets you see details that were not before visible with SD systems – which is especially useful for applications such as product design conferences. What's more, the HD camera of the PCS-XG80 adopts the Sony developed BrightFace™ technology, which produces clear images even when used in rooms with less-than-ideal lighting conditions, ideal for remote arraignment applications..The unit also features clear and natural-sounding stereo audio, allowing you to hold videoconferences with “real communication” as if you were talking in the same room.

To make videoconferencing a powerful mainstream communication tool, the PCS-XG80 has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. With an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that employs a simple layer structure and translucent cascading menus, the system makes videoconferencing easier than ever before. Moreover, the PCS-XG80 offers a number of other features for user convenience, such as one-touch dialing for starting a videoconference, an HDMI interface allowing a single cable connection between the codec and display, an embedded MCU for multi-point connections,*1 and a new RF Remote Commander® unit that can be operated without having to be pointed directly towards the system. What’s more, the PCS-XG80 is backward compatible with SD videoconferencing systems, allowing seamless integration with existing SD systems your business may be running.

You can enhance the quality of your videoconferences with effective data sharing (video and presentation data from a PC) because the PCS-XG80 complies with the ITU-T H.239 standard.*1 Presentation data can be transferred at a frame rate as high as 30fps, which makes it possible to present animations during a videoconference. Moreover, by using the video annotation function*2 of the PCS-XG80, you can clearly point out specific parts of an image by writing on a tablet. With these outstanding data-sharing tools, you can now minimize misunderstandings during your videoconference.

With a stylish design suitable for a variety of meeting rooms, 1080i HD video quality, and life-like sound, the powerful, affordable, and compact PCS-XG80 is ideal for videoconferencing at all levels— as well as for distance learning. HD videoconferencing is now available for your daily communication needs.



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