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 Digital Recording

Our Liberty based digital court recording solution is designed to allow you to move to a digital recording environment instead of investing in outdated analog cassette tape technology, old fashioned stenographic recording or first generation digital recording systems.

Listed below are some of the features and benefits that you will receive when using our Liberty digital court recording solutions:

  • The ability to record from 1 to 32 separate channels, allowing for the isolation of any individual channel during playback. 
  • 1 channel of video with multiple cameras.
  • High quality audio recording for accurate transcription, audio review and minutes preparation.
  • Instant and direct archival of the digital audio onto CD-ROM or a network storage location.
  • A File Notes facility that allows general text notes to be imbedded directly into an audio file.
  • Audio files are easily annotated and rapidly located using the integrated annotation Software.
  • The ability to monitor a recording as it is written to the hard drive so that you can ensure the recording volume levels are sufficient.
  • Transcription playback using USB foot pedal.
  • Easy duplication of recordings for re-distribution and archival.
  • No Charge Profressional Transcription/Playback Software

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