JCG has worked with agency managers, hearing officers, clerks, recorders, and secretaries to develop integrated digital media solutions designed to help automate the legislative and judicial workflow and processes, improve the quality and accessibility of meeting and hearing recordings, records, and information for staff and constituents.

Hundreds of agencies are using JCG Modern Meeting Management and Digital Recording solutions.

Modern Meeting Management is not just about recording meetings and hearings, creating paperless agenda packets and minutes, or webcasting your meetings. It’s about improving the entire meeting process by using software based solutions to save time, reduce costs, and make your job easier. Our digital hearings recording solutions ensure clear, accurate recordings of your hearings.

Our Modern Meeting Management and Hearings Recording Solutions Include

Meeting Recording & Minutes Management

Microsoft Word integrated digital audio/video recording and minutes creation software

Court & Administrative Hearing Recording

Multiple channel software based digital audio/video recording with integrated annotation facility

Meeting Webcasting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted live and on-demand meeting webcasting and meeting content management

Agenda Management

Cloud-based agenda management applications for creating meeting agendas and packets

Audio/Video Systems

Complete audio/video systems and

Public Records Request Management

Web based solutions to manage open records and freedom of information act requests

Ready to Simplify your Workflows and Processes, Provide your Citizens and Staff Better Access to Information, and Save Time and Money?