Affordable, Easy to Use and Implement Agenda Management

Think about the process today for creating and distributing agendas for upcoming meetings. Without exception it is labor intensive, consumes reams of paper, and most importantly, it is typically terribly inefficient. Last minute changes and distribution of the agenda packets is usually an administrative nightmare.

The question is, how can organizations leverage the power of software based solutions without a major investment of time or money?

JCG has partnered with Destiny Software to provide the answer, AgendaQuick. AgendaQuick offers a new approach to Agenda and Meeting Management. No complicated software, no large up-front costs and endless training sessions. No more wondering whether the staff understands, or can even use the system.

AgendaQuick is a web-based agenda management application designed to simplify the agenda process from start to finish.

Agenda management is not just about paperless copies or posting agenda packets. It’s about improving the entire agenda process by saving time, reducing costs, and making everyone’s job easier.

AgendaQuick Was Built from the Ground Up with the Features & Tools Professional Agenda Managers Helped Us Create

Customizable Templates

Allows you to replicate your current paper forms, or design new ones, simplifying implementation and use.

Variable and Fixed Routing

Gives the user and the administrator the ability to move documents easily throughout the organization for approval and review.

Item Status Monitoring

The system provides a ‘Status’ feature that tracks the approval process and indicates where the item is at any point in time, saving you time.

Electronic Attachments

Quickly add supporting documents, maps, photos, and more. AgendaQuick automatically converts your files to a standard pdf.


Add or update agenda items and your agenda automatically renumbers.

Recycle Bin & Copy Function

Easily move or copy agenda items from one meeting to the next.

Scheduling and Cutoff Functions

Set submittal cutoff dates/times and schedules. You control the agenda item process.

Contracts Tracking

Track expiration dates of contracts and other time sensitive documents within the Attachment feature

Third Party Integrations

Works with webcasting solutions and recording/meeting management solutions like the SuiteOne and the Liberty Meeting Recorder solutions.

Ready to Simplify your Workflows and Processes, Provide your Citizens and Staff Better Access to Information, and Save Time and Money?