Easily Manage & Deliver Your Entire Meeting Content

SuiteOne is much more than just an audio/video, live and on-demand meeting webcasting service. SuiteOne provides your citizens and staff instant access to all your meeting content including agendas, agenda packets, minutes, and supporting documents – all via your website.

And with SuiteOne your meeting content is searchable and bookmarked to your meeting audio/video – allowing your citizens and staff to easily find, subscribe to, and share meeting content.

We Make It Easy

Easy to Use… We create a seamless website experience for your citizens and staff.  With SuiteOne all your meeting content is accessible on virtually any device 24/7/365 via your website through the intuitive SuiteOne Public Portal. Administration of the SuiteOne solution is provided via the SuiteOne Administration Web Portal. The Administration Portal provides staff members the necessary tools to schedule, create, manage, and publish all your meeting content, all via a simple, easy to use navigation bar consisting of 5 icons.

Easy to Implement… The SuiteOne solution and your meeting content is hosted and managed by Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest and technically advanced cloud hosting and computing service, ensuring that your meeting content and services are safe, secure, and reliable. High level SSL security certificates are provided through GeoTrust, the largest SSL brand solely focused on security. The internet’s one million most-visited domains rely on GeoTrust SSL, more than any other certificate authority. We provide the site set-up, user training, and configure your solution.

More Than Just Posting Meeting Video

SuiteOne features are designed to enable you to easily and affordably provide your citizens and staff better access to your entire meeting content

Live and On-Demand Webcasting

Provide one convenient online location where the public can access all your meeting audio and video, and meeting content. Choose whether you want to provide live streaming of your meetings in addition to on-demand viewing, or just on-demand meeting viewing. Live stream Zoom meetings. Live captioning, translation, and transcription services available.

Easy Bookmarking and Keyword Indexing

When citizens are interested in a particular meeting topic in a video, they can jump directly to that item in one click using bookmarks that you control. Automatic indexing also provides a quick and easy way for people to use keywords to search the agenda, minutes, and supporting documents.

Public Portal

Create a seamless experience for your public with an iframed user portal that matches your website’s existing design. Allow citizens to view upcoming meetings, search by keyword, and access a complete library of past meetings and meeting content.

Meeting Scheduling

Tired of wasting time setting up meeting after meeting? Instantly create up to a year’s worth with auto-scheduling, and easily tweak and update the specific dates, times, and meeting details in seconds.

Subscriptions & Favorites

Make it easy for citizens and the media to subscribe to specific meeting content. Use the Favorites feature to ‘favorite’ specific meetings for later viewing.


What topics interest your citizens the most? Key metrics and statistics show which meetings are getting the most viewers and which keywords are being searched. Produce visually clear graphs and reports on viewership, daily site views, and online traffic.

Unlimited Meetings & Storage

Unlike other services which charge additional storage and meeting fees, making budgeting nearly impossible, SuiteOne features unlimited meetings and unlimited meeting storage space. All content from every meeting type is easily accessed with no limitation whatsoever. Never worry about running out of storage space or additional fees for adding meeting types.

Automatic Upgrades

Customers automatically receive solution upgrades. New features and functions are driven by our clients’ requests and feedback.

Integrated with Agenda Management

SuiteOne was designed to work with agenda management solutions. The SuiteOne Public Portal seamlessly integrates with any third party agenda management solution, including the AgendaQuick agenda management solution available through JCG Technologies, Inc.

Captioning & Translation Options

Highly accurate live and on-demand captioning and translation services provide expanded access to your meeting videos.

Interactive Transcript Option

Automatically create an interactive transcript of your meeting.  The transcript is tied to your meeting video and is completely searchable. See HERE for an example.

Trim Meeting Video

The beginning and end of your meeting video can be easily trimmed, eliminating dead and unwanted pre and post meeting video and creating a more professional video experience for your citizens and staff.

For Additional Information about the SuiteOne Solution go to the SuiteOne Web Site

Ready to Simplify your Workflows and Processes, Provide your Citizens and Staff Better Access to Information, and Save Time and Money?