Easy to Use & Affordable Public Records Request Management

The Public Records Request solution (PRR) is a web-based application specifically designed to facilitate the public records request process. With the PRR solution, the public can quickly and easily request the documents they need, and will be automatically notified the process has begun.

The solution stores information related to the type of request, the amount of time spent gathering information, and key information about the requestor. The individual forms that the public sees can be based on your current paper or online form and customized to capture the specific pieces of information needed to respond to a records request.

Once submitted, the system sends an email to the appropriate person or department letting them know a request has been submitted and automatically creates a ‘Due Date’ based on the state or local guidelines you follow.

Reduce the Amount of Time & Cost Spent Responding to Public Requests

Customizable Templates

Custom templates can be created to automate the records request management process, simplifying the input and flow of information.

Public Interface

From a link on your website, citizens simply select the type of request (police, general, or other) and enter information into a customizable form.

Create Tasks

You can create a ‘Task’ (such as ‘Gather Information’ or ‘Review Documents’, etc.) by using a simple template, and assign that task to others. Tasks can be selected from a customizable drop down list.

Assign Tasks

Easily assign tasks to others. You can set up a list of responders, and simply check on the name(s) for assignment. When needed, you can also create new responders on the fly.

Email Assignment

The email function allows you to assign a request directly to people without having to create a specific ‘Task’.

Task Tracking

Solution generated tracking notifies those needing to act, and tracks the task completion status.

Notification Letters

The solution helps you generate notification letters that can be printed and mailed, picked up, or emailed to the requestor.  Letters are created in customizable templates for different types of responses such as Request Granted, Denied, Additional Time Needed, etc.


Quickly locate requests, and updates on the status and amount of time spent on all requests. Search for individual requestors or select a date range.

Full Reporting

Number of requests, time spent, past due, and “coming due” information is available graphically and through summary reports.

Ready to Simplify your Workflows and Processes, Provide your Citizens and Staff Better Access to Information, and Save Time and Money?