Complete Meeting Audio/Video Recording and Minutes Management

Still using handwritten, hardware based, or first generation digital recording products to record your meetings?

Our Liberty Meeting Recorder solution is a software based digital recording system that enables you to capture crystal clear meeting audio/video on a standard Windows based PC in a digital format so it can be easily stored, searched, played back, and distributed.

Plus, the Liberty Meeting Recorder is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and includes an integrated minutes application which simplifies the process of creating your meeting notes and minutes.

More Than Just Meeting Recording

The Liberty Meeting Recorder not only digitally records your meetings, it features an integrated minutes application which simplifies the process of creating your meeting notes and minutes, and distributing your meeting audio/video and content to citizens and staff.

Crystal Clear Recording

High quality digital capture technology, using patent-free, open source compression algorithms, along with noise filters and automatic gain control, creates crisp, clear multi-channel audio or video meeting recordings.

Integrated Word Based Minutes Application

Use your existing Microsoft Word based agenda or any other Word document and easily take free form notes, record roll calls, motions, seconds, votes, and create bookmarks, all while digitally recording your meeting, simplifying the process of creating your meeting notes and minutes.

Bookmarking in Word

Playback bookmarks can be inserted directly into your Word document (i.e. your agenda/minutes template) while recording, enabling you to quickly and easily find and playback a specific part of your recording.

Action Bookmarks

Special action bookmarks are included for recording roll calls, motions, and votes, enabling you to quickly and easily capture meeting actions.

Control Ribbon

A simple, icon based control ribbon, launched from your Word document, controls all functions.

One Button Conversion to PDF

Easily convert and post your completed/approved minutes to your web site as a pdf or HTML document by simply clicking on the Export to PDF icon.

Access to Meeting Audio/Video & Content

Your meeting audio/video can be integrated with your minutes and posted to your web site as a PDF.  By simply clicking on the minutes item bookmark, the public and staff can listen to, (or view) the associated audio/video using the industry standard Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Webcast Your Meetings & Meeting Content

Live stream your meetings via the Broadcast and RTSP features and the SuiteOne meeting webcasting solution. No hardware encoder required.

Integrated with Other Meeting Management Solutions

The Liberty Meeting Recorder solution was designed to work with meeting webcasting and agenda management solutions, including the SuiteOne meeting webcasting, and the AgendaQuick agenda management solutions available through JCG Technologies, Inc.

Part Time Channels

Record conferencing application calls from Zoom, Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc., as part of your Liberty recording, ensuring a complete and accurate recording of your entire meeting.

Ready to Simplify your Workflows and Processes, Provide your Citizens and Staff Better Access to Information, and Save Time and Money?