Audio/Video Solutions Optimized for Your Workflow & Processes

JCG audio/video solutions are specifically designed to optimize our software based applications, simplifying your workflows and processes and providing your citizens and staff better access to information, saving time and money.

We provide a full range of audio/video solutions including voice reinforcement, audio/video recording, tele/video conferencing, presentation systems, assistive listening, control systems, and more.

We partner with the leading audio/video solution providers that have proven experience providing integrated audio/video solutions for courtrooms, hearing rooms, legislative meetings rooms (council, board, commission, committee, and agency), and interview/interrogation rooms.

More Than Just Audio/Video Systems, We Provide

Complete Solutions

We provide system design, engineering, equipment, installation, training and support.

Integrated Solutions

Our solutions are designed to work with the JCG software based solutions and can integrate all your audio/video applications. Eliminates “finger pointing” and simplifies system operation.

Focused Solutions

Unlike other “general purpose” audio/video systems providers, we focus solely on the public sector. We know and understand your specific requirements.

Industry Leading Solutions

We only provide industry leading solutions from manufacturers with proven track records.  No “proprietary” or “one-off” solutions.

Easy to Use

Our audio/video solutions are designed to be easy to use. Control systems feature simple, intuitive, user interfaces.

Reliable Solutions

JCG solutions are engineered for reliability.  We have provided mission critical solutions for over 19 years.

Ready to Simplify your Workflows and Processes, Provide your Citizens and Staff Better Access to Information, and Save Time and Money?